News that the Victorian Opposition has been cowered by a political scare campaign against development of onshore gas resources in Victoria is as stunning as it is disappointing. 

This is a weak, politically expedient decision that confirms the Victorian Opposition has been captured by the same anti-science agenda as the Victorian Government. It demonstrates the Victorian Opposition seems equally willing to close off mainstream energy supply options and condemn Victorian households and industries to rely on part-time and expensive energy sources.

Hydraulic fracturing is a known, safe and proven technology used in gas extraction in Queensland, South Australia and many jurisdictions overseas.  Victorians deserve better than mainstream political parties that perpetuate ignorance and disregard for science and long-held experience.

The Federal Government has correctly slammed state governments for failing to develop onshore gas supplies; now the alternative government in Victoria is showing a similar contemptuous disregard for Victorian businesses and consumers.

The Victorian Opposition has no basis for trying to blame to the Victorian Government for high energy prices while pursuing the same policies itself.

As noted in the Victorian Opposition’s own press release, conventional onshore gas exploration has been safely and successfully used in Victoria more over 30 years. Yet it makes a nonsensical distinction between conventional and unconventional development for purely political reasons. 

Today is a sad day for Victoria with the bipartisan adoption of an antigrowth agenda and a head in the sand approach on rising energy costs and insecurity.

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