The Minerals Council of Australia today welcomed the Skills Australia report “Skills for Prosperity – a roadmap for vocational education and training” as an authoritative contribution to the long overdue reform of Australia’s training system.

The roadmap for reform presented by Skills Australia reflects the minerals industry’s call for a truly demand driven training system capable of responding to the drivers of industry and capable of making a significant contribution to the nation’s productivity.

The reforms proposed in the report are urgently needed if we are to maximise the community return from the latest expansion of the minerals industry. Persisting with the current training system will not reduce the shortages of skilled labour and will only constrain long-term economic growth.

The recommendations of Skills Australia offer sensible solutions to many of the difficult and entrenched problems in the vocational education and training system.

The report should form a backdrop to the upcoming negotiations for the intergovernmental funding agreement for the training system.

The industry does not underestimate the enormity of the reform task needed in the vocational education and training system but the prize of increased national productivity during this time of economic prosperity cannot be wasted.

Skills Australia has recognised the important role that enterprises and individuals must play in the future training system. The Minerals industry is entirely supportive of these fundamental reforms.

We agree that the system will only work with a well resourced national regulator to oversee the quality of training outcomes from the vocational education and training sector.

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