... believes projects must be environmentally sound and socially responsible. ... is the nation’s second largest export earner. ... spends over $20 billion each year on goods, services and the community in Australia. ... earned $38.6 billion of export revenue in 2012-13. ... is investing in cutting-edge technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal mining and use. ... accounts for three quarters of Australia’s grid electricity generation. ... has almost halved its greenhouse gas emissions intensity since 1990. ... employs around 50,000 people directly and more than 135,000 indirectly.

CCS investment by the black coal industry

The Australian black coal industry is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from coal mines and coal use. More than A$300 million has been committed under the COAL21 Fund to a range of projects in Queensland, New South Wales and nationally. The coal industry is actively engaged on the projects listed in the table below.

Further information is provided in the COAL21 section of this website.

COAL21 Fund Project Funding Commitments as of 31 October 2015
Callide Oxyfuel Project Largest demonstration of oxy-fuel technology in the world Completed $63m Federal
$10m Qld
$95m Other
QLD Storage Assessment (CGI) Collect geological data in known Qld basins to identify most prospective areas to search for commercial scale geological storage Ongoing $20m Federal
$6m Qld
Carbon Transport and Storage Corporation (CTSCo) Pty Ltd Pre-Feasibility to examine potential for commercial scale geological storage in Qld Completed $7.59m Federal $8.91m
Wandoan - Stanwell Pre-Feasibility studies for CO2 capture options in Qld, in conjunction with the CTSCo project above Completed $8m Federal
$3.15m GE
$1.5m Stanwell
CTSCo Surat Basin Integrated CCS project - Feasibility Study Demonstration to safely and securely sequester CO2 into the precipice sandstone of the Surat Basin, Queensland Ongoing Nil $15m
ZeroGen IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) with CCS Feasibility study for a large scale power station using IGCC technology, which has longer term potential for capturing CO2, and associated geological storage in Qld Completed $38.5m Federal
$102.4m Qld
Delta PCC Project at Vales Point Power Station Preliminary design of a 100,000tpa PCC plant for Vales Point power station in NSW and characterisation of a geological storage site.  Complete $0.65m Federal
$0.65m NSW
NSW Storage Assessment Collect basic geological data in known NSW basins to identify most prospective areas to search for commercial scale geological storage Ongoing $10m Federal
$18.1m NSW
ANLEC Research Ltd Conduct R&D to support CCS demonstration projects and test concepts for longer term improvements, Victoria Ongoing $75m Federal $75m
CO2CRC & Otway Project Conduct geological storage research in a depleted gas field in the Otway region, Victoria Ongoing $25m Federal
$5m Vic
$8m approx.
Ventilation Air Methane Abatement Project Identify the safety risks associated with deploying commercial technology for the abatement of methane in ventilation air from underground coal mines Completed Nil $0.7m
Ventilation Air Methane Abatement – four projects A series of projects that will:
  • design and demonstrate a duct to safely connect commercially available methane abatement technology to the ventilation system of an underground coal mine; and
  • investigate novel abatement concepts with potential to achieve emissions abatement in a smaller and lower cost installation
Ongoing $39m $29.9m
Micronised Refined Coal Direct Injected Carbon Engine Initial R&D to gather the data required to develop an engine development program to enable running on Micronised Refined Coal (finely ground coal in a water slurry) Ongoing $7.11m $1.89m
Total Project Funding Agreements $301m

Please note: The above commitments were as at 31 October 2015 and may change from time to time.