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Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

The iconic status of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) environment is internationally recognised through its designation as a World Heritage Property. The industry fully respects the Outstanding Universal Value of the GBR and is committed to effective environmental protection and to maintain its “social license to operate” in those areas where industry activities intersects with these values.

Development, including ports and shipping activities, have a long history of co-existence with the GBR environment.

The GBR covers an enormous area, extending along almost 80 per cent of the Queensland coastline, including key economic hubs and vital port infrastructure. As such, development in coastal areas adjacent to the GBR is critical to Queensland’s economy.

Coastal development in areas alongside the GBR is tightly regulated by the Queensland Government and approval from Commonwealth agencies is also required where activities may impact on the GBR area.

Industry is also working in partnership with many organisations to support conservation programmes and the management of the greatest threats to the GBR, namely nutrient runoff and crown of thorns starfish.

The coal industry (and the minerals industry more broadly) is committed to continued sustainable development adjacent the GBR, built on a foundation of sound science and world class management practices. The management of shipping through the GBR is highly sophisticated and uses leading-edge technologies to ensure it remains one of the world’s safest areas to operate.