... is the nation’s 6th largest export earner ... earned $14 billion of export revenue in 2014-15 ... is the 2nd largest producer of gold in the world


Australia’s gold export volumes were estimated at 284 tonnes in 2014-15, a slight increase of 2% over 2012-13. The value of gold exports increased by more than 7% to be $14 billion in 2014-15, almost doubling as compared to a decade ago.

Chart 1: Australia's gold exports

Source:  Department of Industry and Science

Gold accounted for an estimated 5.4% of Australia’s total merchandise exports in 2014-15 up from 4.8% in 2013-14. This made gold the nation’s sixth largest export earner. In 2014-15, Australia’s gold export earnings were estimated to be greater than the combined total for wheat, barley, dairy, sugar and cotton.

Chart 2: Australia's 10 biggest exports

Source: Department of Industry and Science, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
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