MoU - Overview


The original Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Minerals Council of Australia and the Australian Government was signed in 2005. It was developed in recognition that significant value could be achieved from the development of regional partnership approaches between Indigenous communities, the minerals industry and governments. These partnership approaches were seen as having the potential to facilitate increased employment and business development opportunities for Indigenous people at the local level.

The new MoU signed in 2009 aims to:

  • Strengthen Industry’s social license to operate through maximising its contribution to the development of socio-economic outcomes in Indigenous communities from minerals development; and
  • Align with the Australian Government’s current policies in relation to Indigenous Economic Development and address Indigenous disadvantage, specifically through its “Closing the Gap” commitments.
Key Purpose and Outcomes of the 2009 MoU

To contribute to developing self sustaining and prosperous Indigenous communities in mining regions, in which individuals can create and take up employment and business opportunities. This is to be achieved through a strong partnership between the mineral industry and government working with Indigenous people at a local and regional level.

As a result of this partnership the key outcomes are expected to be:

  • increased employability and real jobs for Indigenous people;
  • increased business enterprises for Indigenous people;
  • increased Indigenous participation in minerals industry and government supply chains;
  • effective governance and  administration of the MoU including increased participation of Indigenous Australian; and
  • the dissemination of leading practice examples in Indigenous employment and enterprise development across key mining regions.
Key Enhancements of the 2009 MoU
  • Opportunities for broader participation by the minerals industry across key mining regions; potential new sites
  • Committed resourcing by the MoU partners to support effective stakeholder engagement at the local level;
  • Increased engagement with State, Territory and Local Governments in the MoU through COAG Agreements as well as facilitating the engagement of key Federal Government agencies;
  • A commitment to supporting capacity building in Indigenous organisations and communities to participate in the MoU partnership approaches at the local level;
  • Whole of Government coordination to better access Government funding and support arrangements through both existing and new Government programs Strengthen national arrangements to ensure effective communication and support at the local level.
The Overarching Commitments to the Partnership

This MoU is based on a strong belief and commitment that outcomes will be better achieved through:

  • Greater collaboration with local communities;
  • Greater collaboration between the partners; and
  • Improved coordination of responses to opportunities.

The MoU partners acknowledge that:

  • There is a genuine desire to increase employment and business development outcomes for Indigenous people in the mining industry and related services;
  • Mining companies can assist to achieve the outcomes by identifying opportunities associated with their operation whether through direct employment opportunities or related supply-side businesses; and
  • Government can assist to achieve these outcomes by working with the mining industry, service providers, and local Indigenous communities to address the pre-competitive barriers to employment, provide support for the development of business enterprises and promote participation in government supply chains for Indigenous people.