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Australia’s Uranium Industry

Australia hosts the largest endowment of uranium resources in the world — 31% of the world total.

At around 12% of world annual production, Australia is the world’s third largest producer behind Kazakhstan and Canada.

Australian uranium generated export earnings exceeding $800 million in 2012-13 with the potential for substantial further growth as demand for low emissions base load electricity increases in highly populated energy scarce countries like China and India.

All of Australia’s uranium is sold to countries with which we have a bilateral agreement committing them to only use it for peaceful purposes.

Uranium for nuclear technology extends beyond energy production to the production of medicines for life saving diagnosis and treatment.

The members of the Minerals Council of Australia with interests in uranium meet regularly as the MCA Uranium Forum. The Chair of the MCA Uranium Forum is Mr Brian Reilly, Managing Director, Cameco Australia Pty Ltd. The vision of the Forum is for the Australian uranium industry to be globally recognised as a safe, responsible, transparent and successful supplier of fuel for clean electricity generation.

Australia’s uranium industry will continue to supply fuel for affordable, base-load, near zero emissions electricity to people around the world.

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