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Archived AUA History

The Australian Uranium Association (AUA) was established in September 2006. Its purpose was to represent the uranium industry by articulating the national and global interest associated with Australian uranium exploration, mining and exports, as well as by advocating the industry’s views to government and the community. The AUA was the only advocacy body that exclusively represented uranium companies.

On the 7th November 2013, member companies of the AUA agreed unanimously to merge the Association into the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA). The integration enhances the minerals industry’s representation and strengthens its voice in national policy debates on energy, low emissions technologies, regulatory reform and the economy.


Australian Uranium was the flagship publication of the Australian Uranium Association. It contained articles which discussed at some length the key policy issues that concern the uranium industry in Australia and Internationally.

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Australia’s regulatory framework for uranium and nuclear activities (updated Feb 2013) – The uranium industry in Australia is regulated by a series of State and Federal legislative instruments.

Regulatory reform needed (updated Feb 2013) – The Australian uranium industry seeks fit-for-purpose and internationally competitive regulatory and compliance arrangements based on the physical properties of uranium.

Managing uranium mine waste (updated July 2013) – Managing uranium tailings is a well-understood, well-managed practice.

Waste management in the nuclear industry (updated Feb 2013) – The uranium and nuclear industries manage their own wastes, safely and effectively.

Safeguarding the use of Australia’s uranium exports (updated Feb 2013) – Australian and international safeguards arrangements ensure the peaceful use of our exports.

Transport of uranium (updated March 2013) – Australia has been safely transporting uranium internationally for over 30 years.

Uranium and radiation (updated April 2013) – Managing radiation in the uranium industry.

The radiation protection record of the Australian uranium industry (updated Feb 2013) – The uranium industry has a very good operational record of radiation protection – of its workers and the public.

Environmental impact of the uranium industry (updated March 2013) – The environmental performance of the uranium industry is scrutinised comprehensively with detailed reporting requirements.

Water use in uranium mining (updated July 2013) – The Australian mining industry consumes a very small proportion of Australia’s annual water use.

Economic outlook of the Australian uranium industry (updated April 2013) – Uranium is valuable to Australia both as an export earner and as a contributor to the global challenge of reducing carbon emissions.


Best practice guidelines for uranium exploration - The AUA produced a set of guidelines for uranium exploration companies aspiring to implement best practice to ensure their operations are carried out safely and responsibly.