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Australia’s minerals industry is an exciting and vibrant sector with diverse jobs and opportunities to attract a wide array of talent.

Investing in our people, skills and innovation is critical in delivering a more globally competitive minerals sector that delivers fulfilling careers in highly paid, highly skilled jobs. 

As a global technology leader, Australia’s mining sector and the Minerals Council of Australia place a priority on our people and investing in skills and knowledge to provide opportunities in the minerals workforce of the future.

That’s why the MCA has put together Australia’s first More to Mining Careers Guide to show the world the highly skilled, highly paid job opportunities on offer in our world-leading minerals industry.

This includes cutting-edge roles in innovative tech-driven fields such as data scientists and mechatronic engineers as well as new opportunities for the existing workforce to upskill and take on new roles.

Advances in technology are making our industry safer, more competitive and more sustainable.

The Australian minerals industry is rapidly adopting new technology such as robotics, drones, data science and virtual and augmented reality, creating a different skills mix for our future workforce.

Research for MCA by consulting firm EY found that 77 per cent of jobs in Australian mining will be enhanced or redesigned due to technology within the next five years. 

Traditional jobs are also increasingly being augmented with new technology – for example, a shot-firer working on a drilling team will have the opportunity in Australia’s future minerals workforce to use drone technology to monitor automated rigs.

Mining engineers are already upskilling to include areas such as change management and communication. Our mining operations are already more data-driven, requiring programming and analytical skills.

Future working arrangements will also be more flexible, providing further incentive for prospective applicants from more diverse backgrounds to consider a career in the mining industry.

The composition of the current and future minerals workforce will continue to evolve with the increasing need for technical skills in data analytics, robotics and artificial intelligence. Future university degrees will need to have a mix of the latest scientific, technical and trade skills.

There will also be a greater collaboration, creativity, and social science skills to deal with changing community expectations.  As our industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, one thing remains constant – our need for the best people who want diverse and challenging careers to last a lifetime.

Mining not only offers highly skilled, highly paid roles – you can change roles as your career expands and travel Australia and the world to work with great people in interesting locations.