Inclusion and diversity in Australia’s minerals industry

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Diverse teams are more productive, innovative and creative.

So it’s no surprise that the Australian minerals industry has made inclusion and diversity a priority. 

As an industry, we are moving to capture a much larger talent pool that gives the sector access to the full wealth of skills from across Australia and the globe.

A world-leading workforce which can build the world of tomorrow should be diverse in thought, perspective and experience.

What’s inside is as important as what you can see from the outside.

That’s why we’ve set up this webpage to showcase inclusion and diversity across the Australian minerals industry.

It includes case studies, links to member company inclusion and diversity sites, external sites that provide expert resources and information, and a calendar of dates relevant to inclusion and diversity.

This web page will also link and/or host inclusion and diversity initiatives that are developed through the collaborative efforts of member companies in the pursuit of creating an industry community where people feel safe, valued and respected to bring their whole self to work.

We hope you enjoy reading its content and welcome feedback via or one of our social media channels.

What is inclusion and diversity?

The Diversity Council of Australia defines ‘diversity’ as the mix of people in an organisation or industry and includes differences between people in how they identify in relation to their age, caring responsibilities, cultural background, disability, gender, Indigenous background, sexual orientation and socio-economic background (social identity), and their profession, education, work experiences, and organisational role (professional identity).

‘Inclusion’ is about creating an environment where a diverse range of people is respected, connected, progressing and contributing to an organisation or industry’s success.

Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people:

  • Feel valued and respected for who they are in their working environment
  • Feel connected to and accepted by their co-workers
  • Have opportunities to develop their career and progress
  • Can contribute their talents to their organisation.

Inclusion and diversity in the workplace

In the workplace, inclusion and diversity is reflected in the vision or mission, strategies, practices and initiatives that support a diverse workplace and leverage the benefits and influence of diversity to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage.

Inclusion and diversity in practice

There are significant resources, frameworks and tools available to help advance and develop diversity and inclusion programs, initiatives and responses. These are available through various agencies, organisations and government departments and can also be sourced through internet search.

This webpage aims to act as a point of access for resources, information, tools and links to assist companies when implementing diversity and inclusion programs. We want to tell you about what we’re doing to build and promote inclusion and diversity, and also hear from you about what we could do better.


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