Australian coal leads the world in quality

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Recent media reports suggesting Australian coal shipments to China may have failed to meet environmental and safety standards are inconsistent with decades of experience by Australia’s coal companies in delivering high-quality coal to customers across the world.

Australian coal is generally amongst the best quality coal in the world, regarded highly for its energy content, low impurity and its efficiency as a coking agent in the production of steel.

Australian coal has several quality advantages over competitor coal in the export market, advantages which are conferred by geology and enhanced by modern mining and processing technology used by Australian coal producers.

Australia’s export coal sector is underpinned by high quality resources and modern mining and quality control processes.

Australia’s reputation as a reliable supplier is based on many decades of supplying high-quality coal to customers around the world and particularly in our region.

Australia is the fifth largest producer, the second largest exporter and has the fourth largest reserves of coal in the world. For more than 35 years coal has been one of Australia’s two main export industries, and has been the major export industry for most of that period.



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