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The Australian mining industry’s core value and commitment is the safety, health and psychological wellbeing of its workforce, where everyone who goes to work returns home safe and healthy.

The industry will work to eliminate fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses, with a strong focus on building and sustaining respectful workplaces.

Every individual, regardless of where they work, who they work for, how they are employed, or the tasks they undertake expects the same high standard of workplace safety, health and wellbeing.

MCA member companies commit to an approach based on the following principles:

  •  All fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable
  •  No task is so important that it cannot be done safely and respectfully
  •  All hazards can be identified, and risks eliminated or controlled
  •  All instances of harassment and disrespectful behaviours in the workplace can be prevented.

Everyone in the industry has a personal responsibility for the safety, health and wellbeing of themselves and their work mates, as well as contributing to positive and respectful workplaces.

This includes speaking up without fear of retribution when unsafe work practices and unacceptable behaviours occur.

The industry recognises that continuous effort is needed in areas of leadership, people, culture, behaviour and systems, working collaboratively with all stakeholders and supported by risk-based regulation.

As with the integrated safety and health practices across varied operations, the industry seeks an integrated approach from governments to support a growing, diverse and mobile workforce.

This integrated approach should not detract from the practical tasks of identifying hazards, managing and controlling risks, and the continuous improvement of safety and health outcomes.

On behalf of its members and the broader industry, the MCA continues to advocate for:

  • Continuous improvement and sharing of knowledge, where all parties work together in support of an industry culture based on trust, respect, fairness and openness
  •  Uniform national occupational health and safety legislation, supported by industry-specific and risk-based regulation, to bring greater certainty, efficiency and clarity to industry participants
  •  Regulatory and enforcement practice based primarily on the desire to improve workplace health and safety outcomes.





Applying safety and health: management approaches

The minerals industry’s number one value and commitment is the safety and health of its workforce, where everyone who goes to work in the industry returns home safely. Specific initiatives to give practical effect to this management approach include: