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Australia’s resources sector supports COVID-19 vaccinations

  • The Australian mining industry’s core value and commitment is the safety, health and psychological wellbeing of its workforce, where everyone who goes to work returns home safe and healthy
  • The sector will work together and in partnership with communities and others to keep Australians safe
  • As one of Australia’s largest industries with a strong presence in regional Australia, the resources sector will support the national COVID-19 vaccination rollout across operational sites and nearby communities
  • The sector’s prompt and comprehensive response will continue its track record of keeping workers, families and communities safe
  • The minerals industry will work with the Aboriginal health sector to support First Nations-led vaccination delivery in remote areas
  • Robust health and hygiene protocols already in place means the sector can continue to contribute to jobs, exports and national prosperity while protecting workers, families and communities.

Why get vaccinated?

  • The Australian Government advises that vaccination is the most effective way to protect against COVID-19
  • Getting vaccinated protects yourself, your friends and family and the community in which you live and work
  • When enough people in the community are vaccinated, it slows down the spread of disease
  • Vaccinations are extremely effective at preventing severe illness and death, so a high vaccination rate will ensure our essential health services are not overloaded
  • More vaccinations will lead to restrictions being removed and life returning to normal
  • Workers who are approved to leave Australia to work overseas are eligible for immediate vaccination and should take their approval documentation to their GP to get vaccinated before departure to protect themselves, their colleagues and the community
  • As international borders open, verification of vaccination status will become essential.

Safety of vaccines and vaccination programs

  • The Australian Government advises that the safety, quality and effectiveness of any COVID-19 vaccines are rigorously assessed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) before those vaccines can be supplied in Australia
  • Currently available vaccines are effective at stopping people from becoming very sick if they catch COVID-19
  • All vaccination programs are managed by accredited health professionals.

Supply of vaccines

  • Australian Government advice is that the supply of vaccines is now increasing, which will allow more Australians to make a booking and get vaccinated
  • The most vulnerable Australians are better protected when more people get vaccinated
  • Vaccination is also a step closer to getting back our freedoms
  • There are currently two vaccines available: Astra Zeneca and Pfizer
  • Other vaccines are in the process of being approved by the TGA
  • To check your eligibility, go to